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Starting a Christmas Tradition: Christmas 2016

Now that our kids are getting older we find it easier to start new traditions. Yesterday, being the day after Thanksgiving, we put up our tree and decorated it with unbreakable ornaments. Those with small children know exactly why… Lol! 

Today, we decided that new traditions should begin. Every year our kids would get to pick one ornament of their choice and place it on the tree to fill it with an abundance of love and memories. 

I smile at the fact that we, as a family, will continue our own traditions that will continue on when our children get older, and when they start to have their own children we will still continue it on. That we will have something to talk about and something we do together.

I daydream about having those big Thanksgiving dinners full of fun, laughter, joy,  and the love that we all have for each other and loving to be together. Having to spend the night at grandma’s and grandpa’s house. Having the house surrounded by friends and family. Then having to put up the tree the following day. Having a trip to the store for ornaments with our grand babies.

And we shall see what else we have to add to our family Christmas tradition.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions? Old or new? 

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For Tradition Sake. Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a very cold day! It was 33°F out when I went to drop my kids off school this morning.

Not to mention that we had some flurries all day yesterday, but it didn’t stick to the ground.

Thinking about Thanksgiving, only a couple days away, and how nice it’s gonna be this year.

Thinking of how blessed I am to have what I have in my life. A healthy family, a roof over our heads that we can call our own, and food at the table.

How thankful I am for all the happy memories we are making in our home. With freezing temperatures tonight as I write while my husband is out putting up the lights.

That’s right folks, he’s getting the lights ready for after Thanksgiving so we can start turning on the twinkle lights. Crazy man that he is. Not only is it freezing out but it is very windy out.

This isn’t the first time he had put the lights up during a cold windy day. One time he almost feel off our tree while trying to hang some lights. The wind literally blew him away (almost). Luckily he grabbed a branch to hold him up there.

I tell him not to put them up till we have a nice day out, but he insists he wants to do it for tradition sake. Really, he does it for the kids.

Poor guy works all day and has a rotating schedule. This weekend would have been perfect to put the lights up, but he had to work. 

I love him for the wonderful man that he is. For being the greatest father and husband. For thinking of us before himself. That is my husband. And I am grateful and thankful for having him in my life.

As we continue this week with Thanksgiving I wish you all the best. Wishing you all the best Thanksgiving you all can have. Be grateful for the things you have in life if it be big or small please be grateful for it all!

Have a wonderful week and wonderful Thanksgiving!

(And don’t worry about my hubby. He hasn’t been back up the tree since that day😄)

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About Trendy Earth Boutique

Trendy Earth Boutique is an earth friendly stylish gift shop on Etsy. Nathalie Gibbs is the owner of this sweet shop. Started in 2011 with only a few items now offering many more neat gifts to offer and more! 

Christmas is one of her most busiest time of the year, and she is giving away one of her popular items. Visit me on Instagram to find out how to enter @livinginnewengland. If you don’t have an Instagram account she is giving a discount code just for you (my readers)! (Discount code given at the end of this blog post).

She uses upcycled fabric and organic cotton to make her products. One of her upcyled items are her aprons. Just like this one pictured above. Made out of men’s dress shirts she creates a stylish reusable way for women to use the fabric. There has been some custom made aprons made out of a man’s dress shirt of a dear loved one. Where someone has lost their loving father or husband. They have asked her if she could transform the shirt of their beloved into an apron to have as a memory of them while wearing it or displaying it in their kitchens.

Some of her other upcyled items are these little cute rustic sliced wood ornaments. These can be very versatile. Use them as gift tags, gift to a teacher or family member, decorate your tree or hang them as a garland on your mantel. Or purchase the upcycled scrabble  pieces she puts together for the holidays.

Every thing she makes are the perfect gifts to give. With a reasonable price and very well made stitching this is the store to go to shop.

During Christmas time, this little stocking gift card holder is another one of her popular items and she sells out fast. It makes for the perfect gift for just about anyone! 

You will find that it is more than just a gift shop. You may even find something for yourself. They sell stylish scarfs, floral fabric pins, key fobs, card holders, and so much more! Nathalie is a very sweet gifted person along with her mother, sisters, and daughter they all make such a great team!

I have provided the direct link to her pages below.

Find Nathalie in the Etsy shop here Trendy Earth Boutique.


Here on Facebook-Trendy Earth Boutique.

Nathalie gave me a discount for you to use in her shop. An extra 10% off any purchase made in her already low prices! Please go and check her shop out! You’ll be glad you did😄💕.

Discount code: SHOPSMALL2016

Discount expires 11/28/2016.