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It’s Been a While… (October 2016).

It’s a cold night, and I have a fire going in my fire place to keep me warm. Other than my heating in my home it’s nice to have the extra warmth from a fireplace. Listening to the fire roar along with some snaps, crackles, and pops. Not to mention the aroma of the burning wood. It’s good to be here in the silence.

As the kids are all asleep, I am just sitting here on my comfy couch thinking how long it’s been since I last wrote something here. It’s been about a little over two weeks. I guess not that long. But I feel like it has. Perhaps that I’ve been so busy lately might have something to do with it? 

Either way I’m here now and thought I’d talk a little about my day.

As we dropped our kids off to school, my husband and I set off to get our kids some Fall gloves, boots, hats, and ear muffs. It’s been getting cold lately. I mean real cold. So cold we got snow yesterday!! Yes, snow in October. Then it rained so the snow turned into sleet and slush. Yuck!

So we found everything we needed for them and more. I was able to get myself some canisters to hold my coffee, sugar, and tea and I love them! Also, I got my first Rae Dunn mugs. 

I’m pretty excited about my new items. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m already buying Christmas items. Well Rae Dunn was an exception since they were the last two mugs there. I had to snatch them up. Aren’t they cute mugs? And it was perfect. One for me and one for my hubby.

I love these canisters too. They are so charming. And now I finally have a formal place to put my coffee, sugar, and tea in. Now to figure out a place to put them and display them. And of course not only will they look good, but they have their function for my everyday life. Notice I have coffee and tea then sugar right in the middle. Oh yeah, that’s how I roll. Lol.

Our kiddos were excited for their new items and so were we. I love to see them happy for getting things they really need. Don’t you?



I am married to a wonderful man who works hard both at his job and here at home. We've been married for over 10 years now. I am a mother of two girls and two boys all under the age of 9. Soon to have another little addition to our family. We proudly have a Betta Fish and a blue Parakeet. I have a fond love for sewing and being creative in anything I do. I am scared of being my own person publicly, but here I am ready to show you what I'm all about and what I can do. I'm a wannabe photographer and decorator ;-P ~Elizabeth~

One thought on “It’s Been a While… (October 2016).

  1. It’s been a busy year for all of us! Seems like it’s so hard to find that time to relax and just enjoy the quietness of the day or evening. But things are beginning to slow down, probably because of the colder weather. I don’t really care for winter, but in some ways I appreciate it because it forces me to slow down and just let the world go by. Your blog today made me feel warm and cozy inside! Enjoy your fireplace and your family! Hugs!


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