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How I Clean Up My Kids’ Toy Bins

I have mentioned before on my last post that I was going to start talking about how I clean my kids bedrooms and keep them organized.

I have my kids help with the daily routine. Which I am writing about along with this article and will soon be posting about it after this one. And you will be able to see it here.

I do a monthly toy decluttering. This is where I throw any broken toys, loose paper, socks, etc. I know socks? How in the world do socks get in a toy bin? Your guess is as good as mine. Lol!

How I start this process is by making a mess. Yes, you heard me right. A mess!

I begin in my girls’ bedroom because it is the biggest room and it is the room they mostly play in.

I grab all of the girls’ toy bins and dump them in the middle of the room to create a pile of toys. I go around the room and reach under the beds to grab any toys left behind. I then place them all into the pile. I then sit next to the pile and surround the bins beside me.

Before I start, I make sure I have their bins, a garbage bag, and two empty bins. One bin to put toys that belong in the boys’ room and the other bin for toys that belong in the kids’ playroom.

I then start reaching for the first toy and place it in the bin it belongs in. If it’s garbage, put it in the garbage bag.

Once I finish with organizing the toys, I then clean and dust the cubby storage organizer before putting the bins back in their place.

So that’s my tip on how I get the kids’ you bins cleaned done.

Do you have any tips on how you clean up the kids’ rooms?

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Parents Rushing Through the Stores. Why?!

Have you ever found yourself pushing through a store trying to rush, and you forget something so you have to turn around and go back to that isle that you passes a minute ago? Then you rush back to the cashiers to see that the product you picked up was either the wrong one or it’s a bit broken? And in between rushing back and forth you almost bump into people, they let you pass through so nicely because they see you have kids in the cart. Love those people! So nice of them…

These are the pillows I got at the store today.

Once the shopping is all finished and you are driving home, you realize what was the point of rushing when the kids were being so good and the stores aren’t that busy for you to be “fighting through traffic.” Well, that just happened to me. Why is that we have a mind set that way? 

I feel really bad for those people that were watching me rush around the store or those that so nicely let me pass by.

I think back on it and really I didn’t have to rush. I’m going to a home that is clean, no chores to be done (not many at least), the stores aren’t packed because I went early enough that most folks won’t be at the store for another couple of hours. Is it that I have to transition my schedule? I never used to be like this.

Is it that I’m still in the Summer schedule mode? The time where I’m the busiest with all four of my kids with different needs and wants. 

I don’t know why? But I do know this. I realized how I was acting and now I have to deal with that mode. Relax my mind.

Don’t get me wrong. I am the most nicest person out there. I am one of those few people that let the person behind me at the register in front of me just because I had more in my cart. I help those that need help and try to go out of my way to help them at the store when I don’t even work there. But when I have my kids I’m a different person.

These little pumpkins are the other things I picked up today as well. Cute aren’t they?

Perhaps it’s the fact that at any moment the kids will act out. I try to rush out in peace before any of them start to throw a fit or just plain annoy me with their whining. You parents know what I’m talking about. We can have the sweetest kids but they are after all kids. 

I am better than this. I will be better than this. I will try my best to not rush anywhere. I will also try to make any store errands very early in the morning like I normally do to keep that soft paced vibe going.

What are your thoughts? Have you had an experience like this and tried to do better? Please be nice and understanding on your comments. 

Note: Thank you! To those who have let parents go through. To those who let the parents with children be first on and off the elevators. Thank you to those who have held the door open for that parent to go in the store with his/her hands full with kids, strollers, diaper bags, and a “to get” list. Thank you, thank you, thank you!