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My Encounter With A Momma Bear

I love flowers, well who doesn’t, but I love them much more when I can just go to a garden and pick them out myself and all for free.

My wonderful sister-in-law has these beautiful flowers and allowed me to take some of them home with me. Isn’t she so sweet.

They change colors as time goes by. They might be white now, but in a few weeks they will turn into a beautiful blue and violet. And they will then find me back to pick them out!

As I was picking the flowers and taking some pictures, I rememeber the day I had encountered a momma bear and her two cubs.

This was when I lived here in this river house with my husband and two sweet little girls. My husband was working at the time. I was sitting down on the ground by another tree a few feet away from the tree that you see in the background of the first picture of this post.

I saw something move in the corner of my left eye. As I looked up to see what it was, to my disbelief, it was a momma bear walking along with two of her cubs! I got up right away. Both her and I were frightened and in shock. Both of us paused and just stood there looking at each other. And I see both her cubs climbing on the tree looking at me. As surprised as I was, they looked so cute up there. I knew momma bear was as surprised as I was just because she just stood there staring right at me as I was towards her.

Perhaps she just stopped by to have a drink or was looking for something to eat. Although a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the day this was no place for a bear to walk around with her precious babies. No one would bother her, but we also have to think of our babies too what if we were all outside playing?!

This was the time I had my two precious little girls. I had just given birth about a month or two ago. And in the moment of just staring at the momma bear I had so many feelings and thoughts run through my head. 

It could have been seconds that all those feelings and thoughts ran through my head or maybe it was minutes. I didn’t track the time nor did I even cared to or thought to do. All I could think of were my two precious baby girls which I was happy they were both safely napping inside the house with their visiting preteen cousin. And thought of how I could escape this scenario without getting hurt and getting safely back to my babies.

I sent out a little prayer to God asking Him to lead me and guide me as to what I should do. And to not let my nerves blind me from what I should do next. At that precise moment I remembered all the little times that I was taught or informed about animals that they are just as scared as us humans are. That we should leave them be, that they will only hurt you if they feel as if their lives are being threatened. I was sitting there first and she encountered me. In front of my home. I know it was an accident and she didn’t mean any harm. I felt as if I knew what she was feeling and going through.

I also thought, don’t run! It will only make it worse. And not to stare at her or turn my back towards her. To not make a fast physical move, but think of one quick!

This is what I did next.

I knew where I was and where the front door to my home was. It was the same distance to get to my front door as it was from me and momma bear. She will get to me faster than I can get to the door. And if I make a run for it she will start to chase me. What if I happened to open the door and she reaches me? Then I give her the house to roam. Such a scary thought! A parent’s worst nightmare. But God made me brave and I felt no fear. That is how I knew He was with me and He would protect me and my family.

So I backed up slowly, looking at her direction but not staring at her or giving her any reasons to fear me. I knew she could feel what I was feeling, so she just stood there looking at me and so where those two cute cubies of hers.

Then I slowly walked sideways heading towards the front door steps not turning my back to her yet. Crossing my feet one over the other till I got to the doorsteps. Walked up till I didn’t see her anymore and that’s when I opened the door and shut it and locked it.

I saw her through my front window. Once I was gone, from their sight, her cubs finally climbed down and walked away with her. Momma bear decided not to walk through the front yards anymore and disappeared into the woods.

I kissed my two little girlies and thanked God for the rescue. I tried to take a picture of her leaving, but the pictures turned out blurry. Thanks to the bad camera focus. This was before I even had a nice camera phone. Oh well, I didn’t care. I was safe in my home with my baby girls and my beautiful niece. She saw the bears as they disappeared into the woods.

One thing for sure, I will never forget that encounter I had with a momma bear and her two cubs. And was and still am ever so grateful for the good Lord’s help. For protecting me that day and everyday. 

I never saw the bear again. Nor did I hear any of the neighbors seeing one either. I hope I never have to get close to one ever again.

Have you had any encounters like that before? If so, what happened and what did you do?


I am married to a wonderful man who works hard both at his job and here at home. We've been married for over 10 years now. I am a mother of two girls and two boys all under the age of 9. Soon to have another little addition to our family. We proudly have a Betta Fish and a blue Parakeet. I have a fond love for sewing and being creative in anything I do. I am scared of being my own person publicly, but here I am ready to show you what I'm all about and what I can do. I'm a wannabe photographer and decorator ;-P ~Elizabeth~

2 thoughts on “My Encounter With A Momma Bear

  1. Wow!! I know how scary it can be to encounter wildlife out in the open like that and so close, too! I was walking on a side road near my house, coming down the hill when two bear cubs crossed the road in front of me no more than 25-30 ft away! Well, they didn’t scare me, but the thought of their mama wandering around somewhere close by did!!! You can bet that as soon as the cubs disappeared over the embankment, I didn’t just walk the rest of the way down the hill–I sprinted as quick as I could! I guess I should know better than to walk up that way after all the fresh moose tracks I see every time I go! lol! But I just can’t help it; it’s such an inspiring place to walk and talk with the good Lord, as sacred and beautiful as any church or cathedral man could build. Love your blog!

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