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4th of July Hair Bow Clip Tutorial

As the 4th of July approaches, I am eager to make a few things. I love creating and making things that turn out so cute! I mean who doesn’t? But I love doing anything I can myself and something that is useful yet decorative.

Here I have created a tutorial for you on how I made these cute patriotic hair bow clips. I got inspired by all the patriotic DIYs I’ve seen around Instagram and decided I should make something. I also have seen many hair bows on Pinterest and that is where the inspiration for these bows came from. All I did was look at some pics and create my own.

I will demonstrate the tutorial with detailed pictures as well. Hoping it will help you understand me better if you can’t understand what I’m saying, LOL!😂. I sometimes don’t make sense. I hope I don’t do that here. 
So here is how to get started.

Things you will need for each bow:

  • 36″ patriotic ribbon (5/8″x 3′)
  • 2 white round felt (1 1/4″ diameter)
  • 1 hair clip
  • Hot glue (low temp)
  • Button
  • Contrasting thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Prepping the button:

  • Thread the needle with the contrasting thread. Then thread (or sew) the button. This little trick will make it seem as if you sewed the whole bow. Shhh… This will be our little secret🙊.

Prepping the clip:

  • Glue down one circular felt on to the top of the clip. The top of the clip would be the curved part. The bottom of the clip would be the straight side. 

    Making the bow:

    1. Start with 4 inches of the ribbon with print side up and make a wide loop and glue down. The starting edge (end piece) should be hidden under the loop. The measure of the loop from the center should be about 2″ to 2 1/4″. (See picture below after step 2).
    2. On the second loop, you do the same as the first loop making it look like a figure 8. Make sure the continuing ribbon overlaps halfway of the ribbon of the first loop (see picture below). Glue down.
    3. Repeat step 2 till you have 6 loops. You will have some ribbon left over. (See picture below) Don’t cut it! Because you are going to start making mini loops to make the overlapped mini bows. This time, the mini loops should be in 1″ in diameter to 1 1/4″ diameter. You should be able to make 4 mini loops. 
    4. Top the bow with the prepared button and glue it down.
    5. On the back of the bow you will glue one circular felt. Then you will connect it with the clip by gluing it down.

    That’s it! You are done!! Yay!

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please send me pictures of your work through my email account. Or leave me a message here. You can also take a pic on Instagram and tag me.


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