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A Walk To The Park: June 2016

This past weekend. I took a little stroll down a neighborhood.

Ended up at a park as the sunset, and snapped this pic of an old barn behind the trees.

It was beautiful. I sat down watching the sunset. The air started to cool as the fog started to roll in.

These are the things I love about New England. I used to see pictures like these when I was younger, and now I get to experience it myself. 😊💕



I am a mother of two girls (6 & 7) and two boys(2 & 4). I am married to a wonderful man named Seth. We are happy to have Princess, our black lab, in our family. I, proudly, lived all my life in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona until I married my husband on June 2007. That is when I moved here to Western Massachusetts. Over 8 years and 4 kids later, I yet have explored more of New England. Join me on our outings of New England. Plus, I tend to be a little crafty, so you will find a lot of "DIY" posts as well. Pretty much of everything since I love trying new things, and how to make my busy life as a mommy go as smoothly as possible.

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