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A Walk To The Park: June 2016

This past weekend. I took a little stroll down a neighborhood.

Ended up at a park as the sunset, and snapped this pic of an old barn behind the trees.

It was beautiful. I sat down watching the sunset. The air started to cool as the fog started to roll in.

These are the things I love about New England. I used to see pictures like these when I was younger, and now I get to experience it myself. 😊💕

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A Little Trail Walk: June 2016

This is what I love about living in New England! You are always near a trail of some sort.

They are all beautiful trails.

This time we went to a near by college.

This picture above is a lily pond. I wish I had a better camera so the detail would show better. But this is what I have for now.

I really wanted to sit on this bench and soak it all in. I had 4 little ones with me, so sitting will have to wait for another time.

Don’t you just love all this green? The dark tree posts then you see that lovely birch tree up ahead. 

I hope you were able to enjoy these pics and this walk with me.

I wanted to take a picture of this nice worn wood bridge before we left. Then I spot someone’s little toesies after the pic was taken. 😘👣. Memories at its best.