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A Typical Saturday Morning in Southern New England

It’s a typical Saturday morning here in Southern New England. My kids are off playing together working their imaginations pretending they are dinosaurs and keeping away from the imaginary T-Rex and the hot lava.

Meanwhile, my windows are opened and I can hear the sound of a lawn mower buzzing in the distance, and the aroma of fresh cut grass flowing through my kitchen window as I washed our morning dishes. I just stood there knowing that along with the gentle breeze and the sunlight of a sunny morning was just begging me to come outside to sit a while and take it all in.

I can hear the birds chirping in the distance. Up on the trees singing of a wonderful day this is becoming. I hear peace in the neighborhood. Everyone is joining in the mood. “It is finally feeling more like Spring.” They say. A “Good morning to you” we say to a neighbor walking by. They smile back with the same response.

The sound of the neighboring children playing in their yards. Mine are now out in our backyard chasing each other. With smiles and giggles and a bit of “weee” as they slide down the slide their father had made last Summer.

Now I’m sipping on a cup of tea taking it all in. Enjoying this morning and thanking God for the opportunity He has given me to live this life.

I hope you were able to enjoy and live this morning with me, for this is our typical Saturday morning in Southern New England.



I am married to a wonderful man who works hard both at his job and here at home. We've been married for over 10 years now. I am a mother of two girls and two boys all under the age of 9. Soon to have another little addition to our family. We proudly have a Betta Fish and a blue Parakeet. I have a fond love for sewing and being creative in anything I do. I am scared of being my own person publicly, but here I am ready to show you what I'm all about and what I can do. I'm a wannabe photographer and decorator ;-P ~Elizabeth~

2 thoughts on “A Typical Saturday Morning in Southern New England

  1. Great description! I could totally picture it all in my mind’s eye. Made me homesick for Massachusetts! We’re having a little trouble getting Spring started up here in northern Maine, but we’re used to it. We certainly do enjoy and cherish the warmth and green-ness when it finally gets here and stays here for awhile.


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