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Flowers I Got Before Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

After a long bizarre winter and a cooler start to Spring, it is finally starting to warm up around here.

I decided it was time to plant some flowers around my home and make it feel more Spring-y. I think they just add more life and beauty to one’s home.

You don’t have to have a full garden to make it feel that way either. Just a little flower plant here and there and you’ve got yourself a mini garden.

I like to add one plant in front of my home, so when I drive up my driveway I’m greeted by them.

Another inside my home to give me the impression of life, growth, and serenity.

Lastly, a third flower plant in the backyard, so my family and I enjoy the beauty of these beautiful flowers when we get to eat our meals on our deck.

I am just grateful that this year we will get to enjoy a little more peace with family.

Last year around this time was a terror when it came to our home. From a backed-up main water pipe to a flooded basement both not related. This will be a topic for another day.

For now, let us take in all this wonderful beauty. And HEY! I finally got flowers to fill this Welcome basket.

Name of the flowers by picture:

First & third picture: Stock Flowers

Second picture: Succulent Plant

Third picture: Dianthus Flowers

I hope you enjoyed this post and inspired you to get your own mini garden. Even if it is as little as a succulent plant. And if you already have a master garden, then that is great! Either way, I’m glad you stopped by to read my little blog:).

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I am a mother of two girls (6 & 7) and two boys(2 & 4). I am married to a wonderful man named Seth. We are happy to have Princess, our black lab, in our family. I, proudly, lived all my life in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona until I married my husband on June 2007. That is when I moved here to Western Massachusetts. Over 8 years and 4 kids later, I yet have explored more of New England. Join me on our outings of New England. Plus, I tend to be a little crafty, so you will find a lot of "DIY" posts as well. Pretty much of everything since I love trying new things, and how to make my busy life as a mommy go as smoothly as possible.

2 thoughts on “Flowers I Got Before Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

  1. I love your flowers,so pretty. I love the Succulent flowers. My kids and I planted some flowers and a jasmine plant for mothers day. We also got a peach, lemon and a orange tree. We had growing peaches but the birds are enjoying them. 🙂 we were able to save two, so we could try them. Thanks for sharing you beautiful flowers! 🙂


    1. Wow that’s awesome! I love those trees. No need to go to the grocery store for some of the fruit😉. Those birds though. Must have been some delicious peaches. Luckily you did save some to savor them.
      Now that is what I call a happy Mother’s Day! Your time with your children and planting some beautiful flowers and creating a garden together😊 I’m so happy for you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always enjoy them☺️.


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