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How to Make a Leprechaun Trap!

In the month of March, there is a holiday celebrated called St. Patrick’s Day. Where everyone wears green and it is believed that there are tiny-little people that love gold or anything shiny and takes it. They only come out once a year. Fictitious I know, but it’s for the fun of it.

My daughter has a school project where she needs to create a trap to capture that tiny-little person called a Leprechaun. She did most of the work and Daddy helped her with the difficult part of it. She is only five after all.

Here is the letter created by the teachers:

Fun right?

So here are the things we used to create our trap:

  • 5 Green straws
  • Stick Glue and regular Elmer’s Glue
  • Super glue or hot glue
  • Easter grass
  • Popsicle stick
  • Green ribbon (you can use a string too)
  • St.Patrick’s Day Sticker theme
  • Leprechaun hats
  • Shoe box
  • 2-3 green thin posters
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glitter (we used the clear/white)
  • Plastic toy coins (we used real pennies)
  • Extra cardboard.
  • Small knife for carving

What we did is covered and glued the whole shoe box with the green poster. Cover the box with the stickers. Making sure you do the inside of the box too. 

Write on the top of the box “your child’s name Leprechaun Trap”

Glue a Leprechaun’s hat on top (you will want to use either super glue or a hot glue gun for this part). Let air dry.

Inside the box: you will glue another Leprechaun’s hat upside down. Covering inside the box and around the hat with the grass. Place the coins inside the upside down hat.

For the latter: We used 5 straws. Two of them are for the sides of the latter, and the rest will be cut to make the steps. Glue the pieces together to resemble a latter.

For the rainbow picture: On a white construction paper, have your kids draw a pretty “End of the Rainbow” scene. Our daughter drew this herself!

We then glued the picture into a cut-out green poster. The green poster was glued on to a free-standing cardboard.

To make the sign: We glued and cut another green poster paper onto a small piece of cardboard. Had our daughter write “Leprechauns not allowed!” Because Leprechauns LOVE to do the opposite of what you tell them.

Last but not the least…

To make the string pull: Use one Popsicle stick. On both ends, cut into a “V” shape. Then tie the ribbon in the middle of the stick. Make sure the ribbon is long enough for your child to hide a distance to pull on the string.

And you are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and inspired you to have fun with this project with your kids or had them do it all by themselves!

Did you enjoy this tutorial? How did it inspire you and your child? Did you have fun after making it? What did your child catch in the trap? Candy left behind perhaps? A treat? Comment below!👇



I am a mother of two girls (6 & 7) and two boys(2 & 4). I am married to a wonderful man named Seth. We are happy to have Princess, our black lab, in our family. I, proudly, lived all my life in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona until I married my husband on June 2007. That is when I moved here to Western Massachusetts. Over 8 years and 4 kids later, I yet have explored more of New England. Join me on our outings of New England. Plus, I tend to be a little crafty, so you will find a lot of "DIY" posts as well. Pretty much of everything since I love trying new things, and how to make my busy life as a mommy go as smoothly as possible.

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