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Expect the Unexpected: Or Not. How We Are Dealing With Unforseen Circumstances

So this year my husband and I decided it was time to do a big family vacation this Summer. Mind you, we don’t do vacations, but instead day trips due to keeping things real and financially realistic.

We still enjoy them and get to get-away even if it is for a day.

So, this year our entire family of 6 is going to visit family. A little over 2.5 thousand miles away from our home. Considering that we live off of a single income, that is huge!

And we are about to do it. We are so ready for it:

  • Get 6 plane tickets: Check!
  • Reserve vehicle: Check!
  • Plan our activities: Check!
  • Start saving spending money: Check!
  • Take the money saved to fix car: Che… Wait, WHAT?

So we have to spend our savings to pay for our car. The car we just payed off completely last month! We were ever so proud that now we are getting bills payed off and becoming owners. No more staying under, or trying to stay afloat. Instead, we are keeping bills down and having some relief. Until now.

The car ends up overheating, and it needs a new piece replaced. Everything we saved will be gone. My husband and I got stressed and wondered how in the world will we make that money back up for our trip?

Note: the savings included the car rental and spending money.

We are trying to stay positive. At least we had money saved to fix the problem without having to take out that plastic card we dread to use.

We all still have bills to pay. There is always something to do, something to fix, something to need, etc. How we are going to make our goal to save? We are just gonna have to figure that out ourselves.

Life happens, right?

We have 4 months till the trip. Let’s hope that nothing else happens. And our vacation activities don’t change.

Have you ever had an experience similar to this? What happened? And how were you able to get through the situation? Comment below.

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I am married to a wonderful man who works hard both at his job and here at home. We've been married for over 10 years now. I am a mother of two girls and two boys all under the age of 9. Soon to have another little addition to our family. We proudly have a Betta Fish and a blue Parakeet. I have a fond love for sewing and being creative in anything I do. I am scared of being my own person publicly, but here I am ready to show you what I'm all about and what I can do. I'm a wannabe photographer and decorator ;-P ~Elizabeth~

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